318DPI | 5x7in | Baning






200mm/s | 0-60% Power | 40W CO2 Laser


vince davis

Important Information:

Support us:

As you have seen, we are engraving all of these images phisically to provide you the best quality images, which are definitely useable.
Also it's important to use to show you our results, so you can compare and probably find the right tweaks for yours.
Since it is a lot of work to search, prepare and engrave all of them, you can support us with a small paypal donation on the Support us-Page.
With your support we can provide upcoming costs for hosting etc, and also stay motivated to improve the site further and upload more awesome images!

The Originals:

All of our images are free to use and from pages like Unsplash, Pexels etc.
You can download the originals and prepare them at your own, or use for example the free version of ImagR.

If you use prepared images:

All of our images are already prepared and dithered with algorithms from ImagR.
Means, you can't resize the images, or change anything like contrast, gamma or brightness for example.
Please engrave the images exactly the way you downloaded them.

If you use Lightburn:

Since all of our images are already prepared, you have to make sure to activate the passthtough option in Lightburn, to avoid double-dithering.